Model MF-240


Model MF-240 is a 50hp, 3 Cylinder quality tractor, designed to meet your expectations in a cost effective manner.

 Maximum engine power @ 2,250 rpm/min  50 hp*
 Maximum torgue @ 1,400 rpm  172 Nm
 Maximum PTO power at rated engine speed  44 hp**
 * Certified to BS AU 141a (1971)
 ** Manufacturer’s estimate
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 Type  Diesel /AD 3.152
 No. of cylinders  3
 Injunction  Direct
 Bore  91.5 mm
 Stroke  127.0 mm
 Capacity ( liter )  2 .5
 Compression ratio  16.5:1
 Aspiration  Natural
 Starting aid  Thermostat
 Throttle Control  Hand and foot
 Cooling  Water
 Air Cleaner  Oil bath
 Air Pre-Cleaner  Over bonnet, Air swirl
 Fuel filter  Dual, High capacity
 Exhaust  Vertical
 Voltage  12V, negative earth
 Battery  118 Ah
 Starter  2.2 kW
 Alternator  32 Amp.
 Type  Dual Clutch
 Diameter  305×254 mm
 Type  Sliding spur
 Number of gears  8 forward, 2 reverse
 Road speed at 2,250 engine rpm with  12.4/11-28 rear tyres
 Gear Speed  (kph)
 Forward 1  2.5
 Forward 2  3.7
 Forward 3  5.0
 Forward 4  6.7
 Forward 5  10.0
 Forward 6  14.7
 Forward 7  20.1
 Forward 8  27.0
 Reverse 1  3.4
 Reverse 2  13.6
 Type  Live
 Engine speed @ 540 PTO rpm  1,789 rpm
 Shaft diameter  35 mm
 No. of splines  6
 Functions  Draft Control, Position   Control, Response   Control, Constant   Pumping
 Pump Type  Reciprocating   Ferguson Pump
 Maximum Oil Flow  16 liter/min
 Maximum Pressure  19.2 MPa
 Max. lift capacity with lower links  1,415 kg
 horizontal lower links  Cat. I & II with   interchangeable balls
 Type  Box Section,   Adjustable
 Steering  Manual
 Brake Type  Out board drum   brakes
 Actuation  Mechanical,   independent or lock   together
 Parking Brake  Hand lever operated
 Differential lock  Mechanical
 Gauges  Tachometer,   Hourmeter, Fuel level,   Battery condition & W   Water temperature
 Warming lights  Direction indicators,   Battery charge,   Headlight main beam   Low engine oil   pressure  Brake lights
 Front  6.00-16 (6PR)
 Rear  12.4/11-28 (6PR)
 Front axle  1,245-1,854 mm
 Rear axle  1,321-1,930 mm
 Gross Weight  1,650 kg
 Wheel base  1,892 mm
 Overall length  3,260 mm
 Overall Width  1,651 mm
 Over Exhaust  2,145 mm
 Over Steering Wheel  1,410 mm
 Turning Circle
 With brakes  5,560 mm
 Without brakes  6,200 mm
 Ground clearance  338 mm
 Fuel Tank  47.5  L
 Engine sump  6.8    L
 Cooling system  10.2   L
 Hydraulic system  33      L
 Steering box  0.9     L
 Oil bath air cleaner  0.65   L
 Chain stabilizers, Check chains, Spring suspension seat. Flat top   fenders, Standard tool box with set of tools. Weight frame without   weights. Top link, Cat – II balls. Operator’s manual
 Front end weights, 9 hole draw bar. Sun Canopy.